Sunday, March 28, 2010

postheadericon Dear So and So 3/28/2010

Dear So and So

So here we are once again it is late Sunday night and it's time to write to all of those who fristrated me this week.  However this evening looking back I am not sure as those I have too many this week.  There are some weeks I could go on forever but this week I think I only have a couple, so here it goes......

Dear Sons Gym Teacher,
            I know you think I am a crazy mom for allowing my son to not only have a mohawk but to express himself by dying his mohawk whatever color he chooses, but really you need to get over it!  Sending him home early from a field trip because his hair dye began to run was not cool by any means.  I expect he will come home from school tomorrow with the full amount paid for this field trip in his pocket.

Dear Co-Workers,
          For the last few weeks I have been writing about one co-worker however this week there are many of you who struck my last nerve!  The tax season is almost complete so lets pull our heads out of our asses and just finish strong!

Dear Ever Changing Moon Phase,
            For whatever reason this time you have been working your way to being a full moon has sent me into a tail spin.  Can you please refrain from causing so many emotions for me and my family, that would be great!

I hope everyone has an awesome week.  This past week was a rough one for my sister and I just want her to know we are all here for her and will comfort her in all ways possible.  Love ya Sis:-)

Now it's your turn........ Take out your frustrations, then link up so we can all have a good giggle.

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