Thursday, March 18, 2010

postheadericon Why is "Beauty" painful?

                            So here I am at 11:30pm on Thursday night and I keep running through my head.......WHAT WAS I THINKING??????? 
                           Alright lets back up a little here and see if I can catch ya'll up to speed.  About a month ago my son went for a haircut and asked if he could have a mohawk.  Being the rockin mom I am I said "Sure, why not? It's only hair."  I figured when he grew tired of it he could shave it off.  Now right after he had it cut that way he asked if he could maybe dye it some random color.  Again I thought "Sure, why not? It's only hair." Figuring once again when he grew tired of it he could shave it off.  So a week ago  we dyed it. 

                           Now I thought even though it's a shocking red and not so much a natural red it gave him character.  His dads parents absolutely thought I was the worst mom on this earth for allowing him to do this, but I thought their opinions should be kept to themselves and moved on.  Now today he comes home from school and says "Mom, tomorrow are spring pictures at school and this is the pose I want to do, is it ok with you?"  I fell in love with his choosen pose right away!  We went todinner and then a quick trip to the grocery store.  He and my sister get to chatting while we are there and he comes to the decision that he wants his mohawk to be green for pictures.  Again I thought "It's his hair, his pictures, his choice."  So we bought a bleaching kit (to remove the red) and green hair dye.  Came home and got started.  Now when something gives you directions it's probably for a reason huh?  I mixed the bleach and coated his mohawk in it only to discover about 5 minutes into it being on his head that he was having a reaction to it and we had to take it off IMMEDIATELY!  Guess thats why they say do a test area 24 hours in advance lol  We thought the green would go ok at that point but boy were we wrong.  It turned the roots green and the rest of it orange!  He was none too happy, in tears actually.  At 10:45pm I made another run to the store and bought blue.  Came home and covered the mohawk in that and crossed my fingers and toes that it would work.  After just over 4 hours we have SUCCESS!!!!!

                               Now I can finally tuck myself and my son in to bed for the night and start our day in 6 hours for school/work!  Why do they say beauty is painful, and not that being handsome can be just as painful lol



Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

lol...oh, goodness. That had to have been a little stressful. I'm glad he was happy with the blue color.


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