Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Dear So and So
This week I would like to introduce a new post that I will be running weekly.  I saw this on another blog and thought boy oh boy this is a great way to get out some frustration at the end of the week, just in time to start a fresh week!  I hope you enjoy my little rantings.

Dear Co-Worker,
              Did ya know the economy sucks and there are millions on unemployment who would be happy to have your job?  Wake up otherwise you'll be the next one standing in that line!

Dear Grocery Store,
           Why do you advertise sales but then you don't have the product before, during or even after the sale?  Not only does it cause more work for you (now having to issue rainchecks) but your threating your customer retention.  One day they will no longer believe the boy who cries wolf!

Dear Mother Nature,
           I really enjoy not having to see anymore snow when I look out my window but the rain you have given us for the last 2 days must end before you flood my city and more importantly my basement!  Go out on another date with Father Time and cheer up!

Dear Father Time,
       First, please take Mother Nature out on a date so she can cheer up a little.  Second I am sure you enjoy the whole concept of daylight savings time however my body clock does not adjust well so today I was cranky.....Thank you!

Dear Mr. Sandman,
           Just because the clock on the wall reads 10pm, my body still thinks it's only 9pm so please remove yourself from my eyes and allow me to finish my work!

I hope everyone joins me in this new venture.  I think it will make the beginning of your week brighter!  I must say I feel much better. Although I am sure there are many others I could write to this week for now this will have to do.  Hope everyone has a great week:)




Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I've linked mine. Is this going to be a regular Sunday or Monday meme? Thanks, Jacki!

Jacki said...

It is going to be a regular Sunday deal, this way we can get out the past weeks frustration and start Monday morning fresh:) Thanks for linking up! Welcome aboard!!


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