Tuesday, March 30, 2010

postheadericon Why now?

        So here I sit this evening faced with a decision I do not want to make but somehow have to make because I am the parent.  My son has a cat named Smokey who is only 14 months old and in fact one of my current Mama's to the 2 litters we recently were blessed with.  Now I admit I have a house full to look after but I never thought I was being neglectful to any of my cats until the Vet told me I was tonight.  You see I noticed late last night that Smokey was very thin, no let me rephrase that she was sickly thin.  So this morning I took her straight to the vet and after waiting for 2 hours to be seen they said I needed to leave her there to have IV fluids and some bloodwork done.  After waiting for 9 hours I received a call from the doctor telling me that it appears she has a massive infection because her white blood cell count is at 48,000.  In order to determine where the infection is they must do exploritory surgery.  I also needed to know before approving this what I am looking at as far as cost as my finances are so tight right now that day to day I wonder if we will make it. (no child support does not help matters any!)  So anyways back to Smokey......  The rough cost at this point to do what they need to do I am looking at between $100-$300 for just the surgery not to mention the costs of her being there all day today and the things they did to her today.  Now if they could promise me a final bill of no more than $150 I could probably give the go ahead however that looming fact that I could be looking at $300-$600 I just can not do.  I had to tell my son that we will pick up his cat from the vet tomorrow and have her put to sleep.  Of course this did not go overly well.  I am not sure who is the bigger wreck at this point.  I feel like such an awful mom because I can not afford to help his cat.  What do I do?? 



Kathy said...

I know the feeling all to well. First with Harrison our Cockapoo and then with Sam Irene's/our cat. With Harrison, putting him down was the only thing that could be done as he was paralized from the waist down. With Sam, he had a impacted colen 3x's. Irene paid the first 2 times and we could not afford the 3rd time.
What makes it hard is that pets become like family!
Hug Austin for me and tell him I hope he feels better soon.

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

This is such a hard situation. (Of course my mom only mentioned the 2 times that affected her, personally. LOL) We've been through this over and over again in my family. It's a hard lesson but it's a life lesson. I pray you get through this with strength and grace.


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