Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Here we are back for another week.  Last week I had 2 people join me so I want to send a big thank you over to Coffee with the Mrs. and Badger Mom!
This week my goal is to see if we can get 5 people to join us!! 
Here's what you do........
Think about those that you have come across this past week that if you could you would write them a letter telling them your true feelings you would.  Put those letters out here and clear your frustrations from this past week to start clean for the new week!
Have fun, Hope everyone has a great week!

Dear Uncompliant co worker,
            Last week you didn't want to work, but somehow want to get paid and now this week you refuse to follow new company policies?!  Come on, if you really do not want the job just say so and we will be happy to find someone new!

Dear Mall Security Guard,
           I am sure you have to deal with all sorts of people day in and day out but when I came to you in a slight panic because the gentlmen sitting at the table next us had lost his mentally ill sister and you told me "There was no one sitting with him, I have been here for over an hour" It really upset me, because what if I told you my child was missing??  In the end the other security guards located her and reunited the two, so if he was sitting alone where did she come from?!  Please have more compassion when people have loved ones that have wandered off, wether it's child or adult!

Dear guy who keeps hitting on me,
          I know that right now I am single, but when I say no thank you please take that and go.  I do not want to have to hurt your feelings but if you continue to bother me then I may just do that.

Dear Son's Principal,
          Ok so I have been through the code of conduct cover to cover and I find NOTHING that says my son can not express his character through his hair.  You say that if clothing is disruptive there can be action taken but for pete's sake its HAIR!!  Get over it, I am sorry your mom wouldn't allow this type of thing when you were a child but this mom is!!!

Dear Son,
           I know you are only trying to express yourself, however I think for moms peace of mind we are gonna stick with the blue for awhile as the 4 hour process we went through to go from red to blue was not my idea of fun!

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